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Become a global player in the "ASEAN" X "HR" arena.
We're looking for individuals eager to drive change in the dynamic ASEAN region. Embrace the challenge, go beyond borders, and define your global legacy with us.

Frequently asked questions
ICONIC primarily conducts interviews using online communication tools such as Google Meet or Zoom.
However, depending on the position, we may also offer the option of a face-to-face interview at our Tokyo office.
Your aspirations are important to us.
As a member poised to fulfill our company's mission to "Create Beyond," we prize the capacity to thrive within a globalized community.
English is the official language at our overseas offices.
+ Recruitment consultants must have TOEIC 600+
+ HR services consultants must have TOEIC 750+
As you gain experience, we will work with you to identify the right career path. Opportunities include moving to other offices, exploring different roles, and potentially advancing to a general manager position or helping to set up new offices.
No prior experience in HR is necessary. We will evaluate candidates based on their overall professional background.


We are looking forward to your application.