Why not Join us?

The message from HR
We are desiring for the exiting global society.
Why don't you create the better society with us though the challenge with related countries and people.
Be a person who can be active globally on "ASEAN" X "HR" field.
The rapidly growing ASEAN countries are full of energy. We are recruiting the person who is desiring the global person on the HR field by challenging beyond the boarder and beyond by yourself.
Frequently Asked Questions
Basically, we have an interview by the online communication tool which is like Google Hangout or Zoom.
However, we sometimes offer to you have face to face Interview at Tokyo Office depends on the position.
We value your Desire.
As a member who can achieve our company's mission, "Create Beyond", we value the ability to enjoy the society of globalization.
We need Internal communication level; TOEIC over 700, because we use English in the office.
Especially, in Singapore and Malaysia office, we need Business level; about TOEIC over 800 for communicating with Clients in English.
After gaining experience as a staff level, we will consider the appropriate career pass with you. You have an opportunity to shift to other offices, or other type of work, and to have been general manager, or assigned the new office set up member.
You don't need to have any experience in HR. We will make a selection based on your previous experience.


We are looking forward to your application.